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The TWO L Story

Redefining Confidence Through Fashion

At TWO L, our narrative transcends mere clothing—it’s a tale of empowerment and self-discovery. Founded by Datin Nicsofia, our journey commenced with a profound realization: clothes aren’t just for the world’s gaze; they’re a reflection of one’s inner narrative. Datin’s personal struggles with size limitations and the lack of variety in the market drove her to create a brand that redefines what plus-size fashion represents.

Stepping into the world of fashion, Datin observed a stark lack of diversity, where the options were predominantly dark, slimming colors. It became clear that societal norms had constructed a confined framework, limiting the choices available to plus-size individuals. Why should a person’s style be restricted to the perception of looking slim? Thus, the mission of TWO L was born—not just to offer fashion but to provide an inclusive platform for self-expression and confidence.

Why choose TWO L ?

Empower Your Entrepreneurial Dreams
with Inclusive Fashion

As a TWO L franchisee, you’ll be part of a community dedicated to redefining the fashion industry by providing diverse, high-quality, and stylish clothing options for all body types and backgrounds. Our brand’s commitment to individuality and personal charm empowers both customers and franchisees alike.

20 Years of Experience

The loyalty of our fans not only solidifies our brand presence but also translates into tangible benefits, allowing us to trim advertising and publicity costs.

Expert Training

From efficient administration processes to in-depth training and guidance, we equip you with the tools necessary to navigate the world of fashion franchising successfully.

Increasing Market Needs

The demand for plus-size clothing is increasing, with exclusive cuts tailored for Malaysian women, designed to enhance their unique body shapes. Our brand ensures that women feel confident from the inside out.

One-of-a-Kind Post-Sales Service

We take pride in being the sole fashion brand that offers a unique benefit: FREE LIFETIME alteration service. Complemented by our excellent tailoring and premium-quality fabrics, we are committed to guaranteeing the utmost quality in every product.

Authentic Designs

Our professional design team offers a diverse range of exclusive and trendy wear. Find us whenever you’re thinking of fashion.

Professionally Trained Talent Ready

Our team includes professional image consultants who provide fashion knowledge to consumers. We instill confidence in curvy women, making them more attractive and self-assured.

How to get started?

Systematic Steps to be a TWO L Franchisee

Join TWO L as a franchisee and embark on an exciting journey in the fashion industry. Our proven process ensures a smooth transition from onboarding to daily operations.



1-2 Weeks

Step 01


4-6 Weeks

Step 02

Outlet Development


1-2 Weeks

Step 03

Opening Weeks


Step 04

Daily Operations

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Join our franchise program and reap the financial and personal rewards of owning your own TWO L fashion store. With our proven business model and extensive support, you can achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

At Starhill KL, the TWO L store began as a small, unassuming addition to the mall’s fashion landscape. Despite its humble beginnings, the store quickly became a hub for a community seeking inclusive and stylish fashion.

What began as a modest outlet soon transformed into a vibrant space where customers found more than just clothes; they found a place that celebrated their unique style and individuality.

The store’s success story isn’t just in numbers but in the smiles and confidence it instills in its patrons. Its success resonates in the laughter and the stories shared between customers and staff, making it a thriving center of fashion and empowerment.

The inaugural TWO L store stands as a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to reshaping the fashion landscape. What started as a bold endeavor to redefine plus-size fashion set the stage for an incredible journey.

As the pioneer store, it not only set the standard for inclusivity but also paved the way for the expansion and success of the brand. It remains a landmark—a place where the first seeds of a fashion revolution were sown, marking the beginning of a series of stores that aimed to empower individuals through fashion.

The pioneer store’s success story isn’t just about its origin but the ripple effect it created, influencing the fashion narrative across Malaysia.

Icon City Penang welcomed TWO L as a part of its suburban landscape, where the store quickly established itself as an emblem of elegance and inclusivity. What sets this store apart is its unique approach to tailoring fashion to suit the local community’s preferences and needs.

Here, the brand’s success story lies in its ability to blend urban trends with the essence of the suburban lifestyle, resonating deeply with the customers. It’s not just a store but a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds find their style echoed in the fabric, stitching, and colors.

The success of TWO L @ Icon City Penang isn’t just in its sales figures but in the connections it forges and the sense of belonging it brings to the local community.
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